Big Blue Pools™ is the premier pool opening, pool closing, and pool cleaning company, servicing Nassau and Sulffolk Counties of Long Island, New York.
Pool Cleaning Long Island


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- Remove, fold and stor pool cover .
- Testing water chemistry; and provide onsite analysis.
- Replace stored items; ladders, auto cleaner, baskets,
- plugs, gauges, etc.
- Inspect electric to pumps, lights, and heater.

- Lube plugs, fittings, valves and o-rings.
- Flood lines, prime, start-up and adjust filtration
- equipment.
- Super chlorinate with liquid chlorine.
- Brush pool walls and steps.

Swimming Pool Opening Suggestions:

1. Have your pool cover free of water and debris. Although we are equipped to remove large amounts of water and debris from covers, the time to open a pool is significantly reduced if the cover surface is clean and dry.

2. Do not mistakenly pump water from the pool. It has been our experience that light weight poly covers can allow a minimal exchange of water between the pool cover surface and the pool itself. Also, a minor hole in the cover can allow a much greater exchange of water. When pumping water from the cover, we strongly recommend that the water level on top of the cover be monitored closely to avoid pumping a large amount of water from underneath the cover.

3. Proper Operating Water Level. A day or two before we come to open the pool (if the cover is clean and dry, it is helpful to have the pool up to the proper operating level - about half way up the skimmer(s). Having the water up to normal operating level allows us to start the filter system dompletely and have all lines open and functional upon departure.

4. Special Requests/Repair Needs. If you havea ny special minor repair needs that you wnat us to perform with your opening, please notify us well in advance so that we can be properly prepared.

5. Equipment/Chemicals. Having all of your equipment (ladders, handrails, automatic pool cleaners, backwash hose, plugs, etc.) accessible and in a centralized location helps our service men locate specific items more easily.

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